HP Instant Capacity User's Guide for versions 8.x > Chapter 4 Using Instant Capacity to Manage Processing Capacity

Setting System-Contact Information

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It is recommended that you specify a system-contact’s e-mail address on each partition in your system. On OpenVMS systems, the e-mail address may be a logical pointing to a distribution list.

If specified, the system-contact receives the following types of Instant Capacity e-mail:

  • Configuration change notification when cores are activated or deactivated

  • Compliance exception notification

  • Temporary capacity expiration notification

  • Temporary capacity enforcement notification

  • Virtual partition boot time compliance notification

  • If participating in a GiCAP group and a hardware incompatibility is detected (see “Upgrades and Global Instant Capacity”)

NOTE: Instant Capacity e-mail messages are sent to the system-contact e-mail address, if specified, and the root account on the partition. Most notifications are also written to the system log.

To specify the Instant Capacity system-contact’s e-mail address, use the icapmodify command with the -c option. Note that you must specify a valid internet e-mail address.

Here is an example session of icapmodify -c:

Example 4-1 Setting the System-Contact’s E-mail Address (HP-UX)

/usr/sbin/icapmodify -c mjones@corp.com

The contact e-mail address has been set to mjones@corp.com.
NOTE: The e-mail address specified for the system-contact can be an e-mail alias if you desire multiple recipients to receive Instant Capacity e-mail messages.