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Timezone Considerations

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On HP-UX systems, the icapd daemon performs routine Instant Capacity software tasks on a daily basis. A partition’s local timezone setting affects what timezone the icapd daemon uses for the timing of these tasks, so you should ensure that the timezone is set properly to ensure synchronization among the partitions.

Because the HP-UX icapd daemon is started by init, the /etc/default/tz file needs to contain the desired timezone specification. By default, the timezone is set to EST5EDT. You can specify the timezone the icapd daemon uses to interpret noon and midnight by modifying the entry in the /etc/default/tz file.

On OpenVMS systems, the ICAP_SERVER uses the timezone settings defined by the SYS$STARTUP:TDF$UTC_STARTUP.COM file. To view the timezone settings, use @sys$manager:utc$time_setup “show”. Use @sys$manager:utc$time_setup and follow the menu instructions to modify the timezone setting for the iCAP partition.