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Instant Capacity System Status Reporting

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You can use the icapstatus command to view the status of your Instant Capacity system. With no options, the icapstatus command provides the following information:

  • Version number of the Instant Capacity software

  • System identification information (system ID, serial number, current product number, unique ID)

  • E-mail addresses for both the system contact (mail to the local system) and a “From” address (mail from the local system)

  • Asset reporting status (on or off)

  • Temporary capacity warning period (in days)

  • Exception status (indicates if complex is in an exception state)

  • If part of a GiCAP group, group membership information, including borrow/loan status

  • Local partition information

  • Instant Capacity Resource information for the entire complex

  • Allocation of Instant Capacity Resources among the hard partitions

See “Checking the Status of your Instant Capacity System” for information on what is reported by the icapstatus command. See “icapstatus (1M) Manpage” for detailed information on the icapstatus command.