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Instant Capacity Cell Board

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Instant Capacity Cell Board allows you to have additional (inactive) cell board capacity in your system for growing business needs. When the need arises, additional cell and memory usage rights can be purchased and then the inactive cell boards, which contain memory and cores, are then available for instant activation and use.

The Instant Capacity software monitors and enforces the count of inactive cell boards (without usage rights) throughout the complex. Inactive cell boards assigned to a partition have the use-on-next-boot flag set to “n” (no).

After applying a cell board and memory codeword to convey additional usage rights, you may activate any cell board with memory not exceeding the amount allowed by the available memory usage rights, and configure the cell into an nPartition. This is controlled by setting the use-on-next-boot flag to “y” (yes) with the parmodify command after the cell is configured and assigned to the partition, and rebooting the nPartition.

IMPORTANT: An active cell board must have a minimum of one active core; therefore, you must also have sufficient core usage rights on the complex to activate at least the one core per cell board. The Instant Capacity software will redistribute active cores across all cell boards of the partition. Temporary capacity can be used to activate this core but the system needs to have at least one core usage right for each active cell. Also, if you are creating a new partition for the new cell board, additional constraints apply and you may need to acquire additional core usage rights. See “New Partition Creation and Instant Capacity”.

See Chapter 6 “Instant Capacity Cell Board” for more information.