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Temporary Instant Capacity (TiCAP)

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You can purchase an amount of temporary processing capacity for your Instant Capacity system. Temporary capacity is purchased in units of multiple days. Temporary capacity allows one or more cores beyond the count allowed by the available usage rights to be activated for up to the specified period of prepaid minutes without requiring the purchase of additional usage rights.

You can activate and deactivate cores as you wish until the activation time equals your prepaid temporary capacity duration. For example, with a prepaid duration of 30 days of temporary capacity, you can activate one core for 30 days or four cores for one hour a day for 180 days (or any combination that totals 43,200 minutes).

NOTE: Temporary Capacity cannot be used to activate cores in inactive Instant Capacity cell boards.

Your temporary capacity balance is decreased only when you are using more cores than normally allowed by your available core usage rights. The charge against temporary capacity is not associated with specific cores or partitions. That is, if you have activated one core in partition A using temporary capacity, and then deactivate any core in partition B, the complex will stop using temporary capacity.

Temporary capacity can be added to an Instant Capacity system by purchasing and applying a temporary capacity codeword (available from the Utility Pricing Solutions portal) using the icapmodify -C command/option.

The icapstatus command provides information on the amount of temporary capacity time remaining on the complex.

See Chapter 5 “Temporary Instant Capacity” for more information.