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Core Activation

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As previously mentioned, an Instant Capacity system contains a specified quantity of activated processing capacity (cells, cores, and memory) and a specified amount of deactivated processing capacity. Systems may have fewer active components than they have rights to activate. Such systems may instantly activate additional components without the need to purchase an RTU, up to the number of component usage rights on the system.

Increasing Processing Capacity by RTU Purchase

When the processing demand significantly changes, you can enable use of additional system components using the following procedure:

  1. Purchase additional usage rights for a component type — this is accomplished by sending a purchase order (P/O) to HP for an RTU product. Soon after your P/O is received by HP, you should receive a letter from HP that contains information about retrieving the RTU codeword from the Utility Pricing Solutions web portal.

  2. Acquire the RTU codeword from the Utility Pricing Solutions web portal, http://www.hp.com/go/icap/portal

  3. Apply the RTU codeword — by using the icapmodify -C command/option (note the -C option is uppercase) on any partition in the complex

  4. Activate a component — depending on the type of component, this is accomplished as follows:

    1. Activate a core in a hard partition (npar) by use of the icapmodify -a command. Note: For details about activating a core in a virtual partition, see “Instant Capacity Integration with Virtual Partitions (HP-UX only)”.

    2. Activate a cell board by using the parmodify or parmgr command. See “Activation of an Instant Capacity Cell Board” for details on activation of cell boards (and memory).

IMPORTANT: To avoid a delay in activation of additional cores, it is a good idea to purchase and keep in reserve some quantity of Temporary Instant Capacity for the system. Temporary Instant Capacity can be used to instantly and temporarily activate cores while waiting for an RTU codeword to be acquired, as in Step 1. See Chapter 5 “Temporary Instant Capacity” for details about Temporary Instant Capacity. You may also temporarily activate one or more cores using the Instant Access Capacity (IAC) provided with the purchase of Instant Capacity processors.