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Configuration Change Notification

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Specifying an increase or decrease in the number of active cores — using the icapmodify command — causes a core configuration change. A notification e-mail is sent to the system-contact when a change occurs that affects the configuration of cores.

If you do not desire a notification e-mail to be sent whenever a configuration change is made, you may disable this feature by using the following command on HP-UX:
/usr/sbin/icapnotify -n off

Here is an example of the configuration change notification e-mail message the Instant Capacity software sends to the system-contact. Note that if the operation was a deferred configuration change, “previous” and “current” would show equal values; only the “Number of cores to be active after reboot” would reflect the requested change.

Example 2-1 Configuration Change Notification E-Mail for (non vPar) Instant Capacity System

Subject: Instant Capacity Configuration Change Notification

A configuration change has been made to the following system:

One or more cores were activated.

Details of the change include:

Time of change:                       05/08/06 11:00:00
Deferred change:                      No
Previous number of active cores:      3
Current number of active cores:       4
Number of cores to be active after reboot: 4

Description of change: New fiscal year increase
Person making change:  Mary Jones
System contact e-mail: mjones@corp.com

If you are the system contact and do not want to receive this
type of notification in the future, it can be disabled by
executing the following command on the system in question:
     /usr/sbin/icapnotify -n off
To turn notification on, execute:
     /usr/sbin/icapnotify -n on