HP Instant Capacity User's Guide for versions 8.x > Appendix B Considerations for OpenVMS Systems

Special OpenVMS-Specific Features and Considerations

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Core Activation and Deactivation

Unlike HP-UX, the OpenVMS operating system provides a user interface to start and stop system processor resources. When the START /CPU command is used on an OpenVMS system in a complex containing iCAP resources, the ICAP_SERVER validates that the start does not take the complex out of compliance. When the STOP /CPU command is used, the CPU may restart at a later time if the intended active cores on the system is above the actual active cores.

IMPORTANT: The ICAP command or the corresponding HP-UX foreign commands must be used on OpenVMS systems when stopping and starting in complexes containing iCAP components. Using the START /CPU command may result in unintended consequences such as an unexpected usage of temporary capacity or the deactivation of cores on the system or another system in the complex. Using the STOP /CPU command can result in an unexpected restart of the core or the unexpected start of a core in another system in the complex.

To start cores on OpenVMS, use the ICAP ACTIVATE/CPU= command. To stop cores on OpenVMS, use the ICAP DEACTIVATE/CPU= command.

E-mail Considerations

The iCAP software requires that SMTP mail be configured on the OpenVMS system in order to send e-mail to the system contact. Please consult your IP provider’s documentation on setting up SMTP mail for more information.