HP Instant Capacity User's Guide for versions 8.x > Appendix B Considerations for OpenVMS Systems

CLI Support on OpenVMS

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OpenVMS provides a CLI command interface to the Instant Capacity software. The HP-UX command syntax can be implemented using foreign command symbols. The OpenVMS DCL ICAP command provides DCL command support.

HP-UX Style Commands

The HP-UX command syntax can be used on OpenVMS systems by defining foreign command symbols to the iCAP images. Add the three symbol declarations below to your LOGIN.COM file or to the SYLOGIN file to define commands that use the HP-UX syntax.

$ icapmodify :== $ICAP_MODIFY
$ icapnotify :== $ICAP_NOTIFY
$ icapstatus :== $ICAP_STAT

Command options are specified as described in the HP-UX manpages for each command.

OpenVMS Command Mapping

The following table shows the mapping of the HP-UX iCAP commands and their OpenVMS equivalents.

Table B-1 OpenVMS Command Mapping

HP-UX Style

OpenVMS Style


icap show status

icapstatus -s

icap show status/snapshot

icapmodify -C <codeword>

icap apply codeword "codeword"

icapmodify -c <contact>

icap set email/contact="address"

icapmodify -f <from>

icap set email/from="address"

icapmodify -i <system_id>

icap set system_id "id"

icapmodify -r

icap reconcile

icapmodify -w <warning>

icap set warning_days "days"

icapmodify -a

icap activate /cpus=/defer/ticap

icapmodify -d

icap deactivate /cpus/defer

icapmodify -s

icap set active_cpus n

icapnotify -a

icap set asset/state=on|off

icapnotify -n

icap set notification/state=on|off


DCL ICAP Command

The ICAP command supports six command options to perform iCAP operations on OpenVMS systems.