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Dynamic Processor Resilience (DPR) (HP-UX)

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The LPMC monitor, within the Support Tools Manager (STM) diagnostics, generates Information events for all cache errors that are detected. After three errors (Threshold) have been detected on a processor in 1440 minutes, or a 24-hour period of time (Period), the monitor deactivates that particular processor, marks it for deconfiguration on the next system reboot, and generates a SERIOUS event. After the failed processor is deactivated, the LPMC monitor attempts to activate one of the inactive Instant Capacity processors, if any are available. This method ensures the processing power of the system is unchanged.

A default value of “three” is assigned to Threshold, except for the PCX-W+ family of processors, which has a value of “five” assigned. The default value assigned to a Period is 1440 minutes, or 24 hours, in all possible processor configurations.

An inactive processor under warranty or support automatically replaces a failed processor. HP also services and replaces any failed processor.

Monarch Processors

See “Failed Monarch Processors (HP-UX only)” for details on replacing failed monarch processors.