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Measurement Software on Instant Capacity Systems

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Instant Capacity systems inherently have fewer active cores than the total number of cores in the system. This fundamental difference between the number of active cores and the total number of cores can cause some processor measurement products and utilities to report incorrect information. Additionally, when a core is dynamically activated, some software products must recognize the change in the number of active cores in order to report correct processing information.

OpenView Measurement Products

OpenView measurement products, such as MeasureWare and GlancePlus, must be version C.02.60 or later to provide correct measurements. Earlier versions of the OpenView measurement products may not work correctly on Instant Capacity systems.

On hp Integrity Superdome Systems

On hp Integrity Superdome systems, HP recommends updating to the GlancePlus Pak version C.03.20 or later.

Other Measurement Software

Please check with your measurement software vendor to ensure their software works properly on Instant Capacity systems and update the measurement software versions as needed.