HP Instant Capacity User's Guide for versions 8.x > Appendix A Special Considerations

Instant Capacity and Re-Initializing the nPartition (Genesis Partitions)

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Any use of the CC command at the service processor level has the potential to overwrite the Instant Capacity configuration, and is therefore not recommended on Instant Capacity systems. In particular, creating a Genesis Partition on an Instant Capacity system is not recommended because it causes the system to be out of compliance.

If you clear the configuration of a system with Instant Capacity components (components without usage rights), you must acquire and apply a codeword that will restore a lost iCAP configuration to remain in compliance with your contract. Since the codeword can only be generated using a recent audit snapshot of the system, this means that you should generate an audit snapshot with icapstatus -s before doing the reset or, if asset reporting is configured, ensure that a recent asset report has been sent to the portal.