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Assumed Values in icapstatus

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The icapstatus command may make assumptions on the number of active cores and amount of active memory, depending on certain system conditions. If values are assumed, the icapstatus command’s output contains an asterisk next to the appropriate field.

Assumed Processor Values

Occasionally, the output of the icapstatus command may contain an asterisk next to the value in the Actual Active Cores field (under the section Allocation of Instant Capacity Resources among the nPartitions). The asterisk may appear in the output for the following reasons:

  • The absence of Instant Capacity versions 8.x software on a non-local partition

  • A non-local partition appears to be active, but the icapd daemon is not reporting system information

  • A non-local partition was shutdown for an extended period of time with shutdown or reboot, and the -R option was not used (which brings the cells to an inactive state)

  • A non-local partition is running an operating system that is not HP-UX or OpenVMS (for example, MS Windows or Linux)

In the above cases, the Instant Capacity software on other partitions assumes that all cores in the non-local partition are active. In addition to the asterisks in the output of icapstatus, this can affect the following:

  • Temporary capacity consumption

  • The ability to change the complex with parmodify, parmgr, or parcreate commands

  • Core activation with the icapmodify command

NOTE: The number of active cores is always known for a local partition.

If a non-local partition appears to be inactive, the number of active cores reported by the icapstatus command is zero. For example, if the hardware for a non-local partition is inactive, icapstatus considers the partition as inactive and reports the number of active cores as zero.

Assumed Memory Values

When a cell board is powered off, no matter if the cell is in the local partition or in a non-local partition, the amount of inactive memory is assumed to be 2 GB and is reported as such by the icapstatus command.

An asterisk may appear next to the value of the Inactive Memory field in the icapstatus output, section Allocation of Instant Capacity Resources among the nPartitions.