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DECdfs for OpenVMS Installation Guide

DECdfs for OpenVMS Installation Guide

January 2005

This document contains installation information for DECdfs Version 2.4 for OpenVMS.

Software Version: DECdfs Version 2.4 for OpenVMS

Operating System and Version: OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.2
OpenVMS I64 Version 8.2

Hewlett-Packard Company Palo Alto, California

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The HP OpenVMS documentation set is available on CD-ROM.

This document was prepared using DECdocument, Version V3.3-1e.

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Intended Audience

This guide is intended for the person who installs DECdfs for OpenVMS Version 2.4.

Associated Documents

The DECdfs documentation set consists of this installation guide, the DECdfs for OpenVMS Management Guide, and the release notes document. You can find related information in the following documents:

Reader's Comments

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Conventions Used in This Document

The following graphic conventions are used in this document.
Special type This special type in examples indicates system output or user input.
Bold type Bold type in examples indicates user input.
[ ] Brackets in command lines indicate that the enclosed values are optional. (Do not type the brackets.)
UPPERCASE Uppercase letters in command lines indicate keywords that must be entered. You can enter them in either uppercase or lowercase. You can abbreviate command keywords to the minimum unique abbreviation.
lowercase letters Lowercase letters (often hyphenated) in command syntax or examples indicate variables that the user replaces with appropriate values.

The Return key, which you must press in order to execute commands, is assumed in command examples.

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