Document revision date: 30 March 2001
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Compaq Advanced Server for OpenVMS
Server Installation and Configuration Guide

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Chapter 4
4 Configuring and Starting the Standalone License Server
     4.1     About the License Server
     4.2     Before You Begin to Configure the Standalone License Server
     4.3     Configuring the Standalone License Server
     4.4     Configuring the Transports
     4.5     How to Respond to License Server Configuration Prompts
     4.6     How to Start the Standalone License Server
         4.6.1         How to Start the License Server Manually
         4.6.2         How to Start the License Server Automatically
         4.6.3         How to Start the License Server in an OpenVMS Cluster
Chapter 5
5 After You Install the Advanced Server
     5.1     Before You Begin Postinstallation Tasks
     5.2     Verifying the Advanced Server Installation
     5.3     Starting the Advanced Server
         5.3.1         When to Start the Advanced Server
         5.3.2         What the Startup Procedure Does
     5.4     Ways to Start the Advanced Server
         5.4.1         How to Start the Advanced Server Manually
         5.4.2         How to Start the Advanced Server Automatically
         5.4.3         How to Start the Advanced Server in an OpenVMS Cluster
         5.4.4         Troubleshooting the Startup
                SYLOGIN.COM Contains Commands Not Suitable for Detached Processes
                OpenVMS Registry Services Not Available
         5.4.5         Determining Initial Advanced Server Parameter Values Stored in the OpenVMS Registry
     5.5     Stopping the Advanced Server
     5.6     Special Advanced Server Management Commands
     5.7     Setting Up External Authentication
         5.7.1         Setting Up External Authentication in OpenVMS Clusters
         5.7.2         Requirement for External Authentication Over DECnet-Plus
                Configuring the Server Capacity for External Authentication
         5.7.3         Configuring Externally Authenticated Client Connections
         5.7.4         Bypassing External Authentication When the Network Is Down
     5.8     Converting Encoded File Names from ODS-2 to ODS-5
         5.8.1         Using the File Name Conversion Utility
         5.8.2         Example of Converting an Encoded File Name
         5.8.3         Example of Converting All Encoded File Names
     5.9     Installing Optional Server Administration Tools
Chapter 6
6 Implementing a Wide Area Network
     6.1     Enabling Wide Area Network Support
     6.2     Using the LMHOSTS File in a Wide Area Network
         6.2.1         Setting Up a TCP/IP Wide Area Network
         6.2.2         The LMHOSTS Directory
         6.2.3         LMHOSTS File Syntax
         6.2.4         Managing the LMHOSTS File
         6.2.5         Using the LMHOSTS Log File
     6.3     Using WINS in a Wide Area Network
         6.3.1         Setting up WINS for OpenVMS Clusters
     6.4     Using DNS in a Wide Area Network
Chapter 7
7 Removing Advanced Server for OpenVMS Software
     7.1     Advanced Server Deinstallation
     7.2     Removing Advanced Server Configuration Parameters
     7.3     Removing Advanced Server for OpenVMS Software
         7.3.1         Server Configuration Parameters in the OpenVMS Registry
     7.4     Sample Advanced Server Removal Procedure
Appendix A
Appendix A Installation and Upgrade Checklist
Appendix B
Appendix B Sample Advanced Server Installation and Configuration
     B.1     Sample Advanced Server Installation Procedure
     B.2     Sample Advanced Server Configuration Procedure
Appendix C
Appendix C Sample Standalone License Server Installation and Configuration
     C.1     Sample Standalone License Server Installation Procedure
     C.2     Sample Configuration Dialog for Standalone License Server
Appendix D
Appendix D Sample External Authentication Software Installation
Appendix E
Appendix E Advanced Server Files and On-Disk Structure
     E.1     Advanced Server Files
     E.2     Advanced Server On-Disk Structure
Appendix F
Appendix F Advanced Server Logical Names
2-1 Sample Installation Procedure---Part 1
2-2 Sample Installation Procedure---Part 2
2-3 Sample Installation Procedure---Part 3
2-4 Sample Installation Procedure---Part 4
2-5 Sample Installation Procedure---Part 5
2-6 Sample Installation Procedure---Part 6
2-7 Sample Installation Procedure---Part 7
E-1 On-Disk Structure Diagram
1-1 Preinstallation Checklist
3-1 Advanced Server Configuration Prompts
3-2 Configuration Settings
3-3 Server Roles in Each Type of Domain
3-4 Methods for Changing Server Roles
3-5 OpenVMS Network Adapter Logicals
3-6 Undefined Adapter Messages
4-1 License Server Configuration Prompts
5-1 PWCONVERT Qualifiers
A-1 Installation and Upgrade Checklist
E-1 Files Installed for the Advanced Server
F-1 Advanced Server Logical Names

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