Document revision date: 15 July 2002
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OpenVMS User's Manual

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Chapter 8
8 Editing Text Files with EVE
     8.1     EVE Features
     8.2     Getting Help
         8.2.1         Using Keypad Help
         8.2.2         Using EVE Help
     8.3     Beginning an Editing Session
     8.4     Entering Commands
         8.4.1         Typing Commands
         8.4.2         Using Defined Keys
     8.5     Saving Your Edits and Exiting from EVE
         8.5.1         Using the WRITE FILE Command
         8.5.2         Using the EXIT Command
         8.5.3         Using the QUIT Command
     8.6     Moving the Cursor
     8.7     Entering Text
         8.7.1         Adding Text
         8.7.2         Including Files
         8.7.3         Special Nonprinting Characters
         8.7.4         EVE Editing Keys for Entering Text
         8.7.5         EVE Commands for Entering Text
         8.7.6         Setting Buffer Mode
     8.8     Erasing and Restoring Text
     8.9     Moving Text
     8.10     Copying Text
     8.11     Box Editing
         8.11.1         Selecting a Box of Text
         8.11.2         Cutting and Pasting a Box of Text
         8.11.3         SET BOX SELECT Commands
     8.12     Using Pending Delete
         8.12.1         Erasing a Selection with Pending Delete
         8.12.2         Restoring a Selection That Was Erased with Pending Delete
     8.13     Finding and Replacing Text
         8.13.1         Finding Text
                When a Search String Is Found
         8.13.2         Setting Case-Exact Searches
         8.13.3         Using Wildcards
         8.13.4         Including White Space in a Search
         8.13.5         Marking Locations in Text
         8.13.6         Replacing Text
                REPLACE Command and Case Sensitivity
                REPLACE Command Responses
     8.14     Using Command Line Qualifiers
         8.14.1         Starting in an Alternate Position
         8.14.2         Using Work Files
         8.14.3         Modifying the Main Buffer
     8.15     Alternate Methods to Invoke EVE
         8.15.1         Invoking EVE from a Search List
         8.15.2         Invoking EVE with Wildcards
         8.15.3         Invoking EVE with Wildcard Directory Names
         8.15.4         Invoking EVE with Multiple Input Files
     8.16     Journaling and Recovery
         8.16.1         Using Buffer-Change Journaling
     8.17     EVE Formatting Commands
     8.18     Using Buffers
         8.18.1         Obtaining Buffer Information
         8.18.2         Deleting a Buffer
         8.18.3         Changing Buffer Status
         8.18.4         Displaying the Messages Buffer
         8.18.5         Editing Multiple Buffers
         8.18.6         Reading Files into EVE
         8.18.7         Writing Files from EVE
         8.18.8         Using Windows
         8.18.9         Viewing Two Sections of One Buffer
         8.18.10         Editing Two Buffers
     8.19     Creating a Subprocess
         8.19.1         Spawning
                Spawning to EVE from DCL
Chapter 9
9 Sorting and Merging Files
     9.1     High-Performance Sort/Merge
     9.2     Sorting Files
         9.2.1         Defining a Key
         9.2.2         Multiple Key Fields
         9.2.3         Identical Key Fields
         9.2.4         Noncharacter Data
         9.2.5         Output File Organization
         9.2.6         Sorting Process
     9.3     Specifying a Collating Sequence
     9.4     Running Sort as a Batch Job
         9.4.1         Command Procedures
         9.4.2         Including Input Records
     9.5     Merging Files
         9.5.1         Sorted Files
         9.5.2         Identical Key Fields
     9.6     Entering Records from a Terminal
     9.7     Using a Sort/Merge Specification File
     9.8     Optimizing a Sort or Merge Operation
         9.8.1         Sorting Process
         9.8.2         Omitting Records and Fields
         9.8.3         Assigning Work Files
         9.8.4         Modifying the Working Set Extent
     9.9     Summary of Sort/Merge Qualifiers
         9.9.1         Input File Qualifier
         9.9.2         Output File Qualifiers
         9.9.3         Specification File Qualifiers

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