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Guidelines for OpenVMS Cluster Configurations

Guidelines for OpenVMS Cluster Configurations

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Chapter 11
11 OpenVMS Cluster System Management Strategies
     11.1     Simple and Complex Configurations
     11.2     System Disk Strategies
         11.2.1         Single System Disk
         11.2.2         Multiple System Disks
         11.2.3         Multiple System-Disk OpenVMS Cluster
         11.2.4         Dividing an OpenVMS Cluster System
         11.2.5         Summary: Single Versus Multiple System Disks
     11.3     OpenVMS Cluster Environment Strategies
         11.3.1         Common Environment
         11.3.2         Putting Environment Files on a Separate, Common Disk
         11.3.3         Multiple Environments
     11.4     Additional Multiple-Environment Strategies
         11.4.1         Using Multiple SYSUAF.DAT Files
         11.4.2         Using Multiple Queue Managers
     11.5      Quorum Strategies
         11.5.1         Quorum Strategy Options
     11.6     State Transition Strategies
         11.6.1         Dealing with State Transitions
     11.7     Migration and Warranted Support for Multiple Versions
     11.8     Alpha, VAX, and I64 Systems in the Same OpenVMS Cluster
         11.8.1         OpenVMS Cluster Satellite Booting Across Architectures
         11.8.2         Restrictions
Appendix A
Appendix A SCSI as an OpenVMS Cluster Interconnect
     A.1     Conventions Used in This Appendix
         A.1.1         SCSI ANSI Standard
         A.1.2         Symbols Used in Figures
     A.2     Accessing SCSI Storage
         A.2.1         Single-Host SCSI Access in OpenVMS Cluster Systems
         A.2.2         Multihost SCSI Access in OpenVMS Cluster Systems
     A.3     Configuration Requirements and Hardware Support
         A.3.1         Configuration Requirements
         A.3.2         Hardware Support
     A.4     SCSI Interconnect Concepts
         A.4.1         Number of Devices
         A.4.2         Performance
         A.4.3         Distance
         A.4.4         Cabling and Termination
     A.5     SCSI OpenVMS Cluster Hardware Configurations
         A.5.1         Systems Using Add-On SCSI Adapters
             A.5.1.1             Building a Basic System Using Add-On SCSI Adapters
             A.5.1.2             Building a System with More Enclosures or Greater Separation or with HSZ Controllers
             A.5.1.3             Building a System That Uses Differential Host Adapters
     A.6     Installation
         A.6.1         Step 1: Meet SCSI Grounding Requirements
         A.6.2         Step 2: Configure SCSI Node IDs
             A.6.2.1             Configuring Device IDs on Multihost SCSI Buses
             A.6.2.2             Configuring Device IDs on Single-Host SCSI Buses
         A.6.3         Step 3: Power Up and Verify SCSI Devices
         A.6.4         Step 4: Show and Set SCSI Console Parameters
         A.6.5         Step 5: Install the OpenVMS Operating System
         A.6.6         Step 6: Configure Additional Systems
     A.7     Supplementary Information
         A.7.1         Running the OpenVMS Cluster Configuration Command Procedure
         A.7.2         Error Reports and OPCOM Messages in Multihost SCSI Environments
             A.7.2.1             SCSI Bus Resets
             A.7.2.2             SCSI Timeouts
             A.7.2.3             Mount Verify
             A.7.2.4             Shadow Volume Processing
             A.7.2.5             Expected OPCOM Messages in Multihost SCSI Environments
             A.7.2.6             Error Log Basics
             A.7.2.7             Error Log Entries in Multihost SCSI Environments
         A.7.3         Restrictions and Known Problems
         A.7.4         Troubleshooting
             A.7.4.1             Termination Problems
             A.7.4.2             Booting or Mounting Failures Caused by Incorrect Configurations
                 A.                 Bugchecks During the Bootstrap Process
                 A.                 Failure to Configure Devices
                 A.                 Mount Failures
             A.7.4.3             Grounding
             A.7.4.4             Interconnect Lengths
         A.7.5         SCSI Arbitration Considerations
             A.7.5.1             Arbitration Issues in Multiple-Disk Environments
             A.7.5.2             Solutions for Resolving Arbitration Problems
             A.7.5.3             Arbitration and Bus Isolators
         A.7.6         Removal and Insertion of SCSI Devices While the OpenVMS Cluster System is Operating
             A.7.6.1             Terminology for Describing Hot Plugging
             A.7.6.2             Rules for Hot Plugging
             A.7.6.3             Procedures for Ensuring That a Device or Segment is Inactive
             A.7.6.4             Procedure for Hot Plugging StorageWorks SBB Disks
             A.7.6.5             Procedure for Hot Plugging HSZxx
             A.7.6.6             Procedure for Hot Plugging Host Adapters
             A.7.6.7             Procedure for Hot Plugging DWZZx Controllers
         A.7.7         OpenVMS Requirements for Devices Used on Multihost SCSI OpenVMS Cluster Systems
         A.7.8         Grounding Requirements

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