Document revision date: 30 March 2001
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Guide to the DEC Text Processing Utility

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Chapter 5
5 DEC Text Processing Utility Program Development
     5.1     Creating DECTPU Programs
         5.1.1         Simple Programs
         5.1.2         Complex Programs
         5.1.3         Program Syntax
     5.2     Programming in DECwindows DECTPU
         5.2.1         Widget Support
         5.2.2         Input Focus Support
         5.2.3         Global Selection Support
                Difference Between Global Selection and Clipboard
                Handling of Multiple Global Selections
                Relation of Global Selection to Input Focus
                Response to Requests for Information About the Global Selection
         5.2.4         Using Callbacks
                Background on DECwindows Callbacks
                Internally Defined DECTPU Callback Routines and Application-Level Callback Action Routines
                Internally Defined DECTPU Callback Routines with UIL
                Internally Defined DECTPU Callback Routines with Widgets Not Defined by UIL
                Application-Level Callback Action Routines
                Callable Interface-Level Callback Routines
         5.2.5         Using Closures
         5.2.6         Specifying Values for Widget Resources in DECwindows DECTPU
                DECTPU Data Types for Specifying Resource Values
                Specifying a List as a Resource Value
     5.3     Writing Code Compatible with DECwindows EVE
         5.3.1         Select Ranges in DECwindows EVE
                Dynamic Selection
                Static Selection
                Found Range Selection
                Relation of EVE Selection to DECwindows Global Selection
     5.4     Compiling DECTPU Programs
         5.4.1         Compiling on the EVE Command Line
         5.4.2         Compiling in a DECTPU Buffer
     5.5     Executing DECTPU Programs
         5.5.1         Procedure Execution
         5.5.2         Process Suspension
     5.6     Using DECTPU Startup Files
         5.6.1         Section Files
         5.6.2         Command Files
         5.6.3         Initialization Files
         5.6.4         Sequence in Which DECTPU Processes Startup Files
         5.6.5         Using Section Files
                Creating and Processing a New Section File
                Extending an Existing Section File
                Sample Section File
                Recommended Conventions for Section Files
         5.6.6         Using Command Files
         5.6.7         Using EVE Initialization Files
                Using an EVE Initialization File at Startup
                Using an EVE Initialization File During an Editing Session
                How an EVE Initialization File Affects Buffer Settings
     5.7     Debugging DECTPU Programs
         5.7.1         Using Your Own Debugger
         5.7.2         Using the DECTPU Debugger
                Debugging Section Files
                Debugging Command Files
                Debugging Other DECTPU Source Code
         5.7.3         Getting Started with the DECTPU Debugger
     5.8     Handling Errors
Appendix A
Appendix A Sample DECTPU Procedures
     A.1     Line-Mode Editor
     A.2     Translation of Control Characters
     A.3     Restoring Terminal Width Before Exiting from DECTPU
     A.4     Running DECTPU from an OpenVMS Subprocess
Appendix B
Appendix B DECTPU Terminal Support
     B.1     Using Screen-Oriented Editing on Supported Terminals
         B.1.1         Terminal Settings on OpenVMS Systems That Affect DECTPU
         B.1.2         SET TERMINAL Command
     B.2     Using Line-Mode Editing on Unsupported Terminals
     B.3     Using Terminal Wrap
Appendix C
Appendix C DECTPU Debugger Commands
1-1 Sample User-Written Procedure
2-1 DCL Command Procedure FILENAME.COM
2-2 DCL Command Procedure FORTRAN_TS.COM
2-3 DCL Command Procedure INVISIBLE_TPU.COM
2-4 DECTPU Command File GSR.TPU
3-1 Suppressing the Addition of Padding Blanks
4-1 Global and Local Variable Declarations
4-2 Global and Local Constant Declarations
4-3 Procedure That Uses Relational Operators on Markers
4-4 Simple Procedure with Parameters
4-5 Complex Procedure with Optional Parameters
4-6 Procedure That Returns a Result
4-7 Procedure Within Another Procedure
4-8 Recursive Procedure
4-9 Procedure That Uses the CASE Statement
4-10 Procedure That Uses the ON_ERROR Statement
4-11 Procedure with a Case-Style Error Handler
4-12 Procedure That Returns a Value
4-13 Procedure That Returns a Status
4-14 Using RETURN in an ON_ERROR Section
4-15 Simple Error Handler
5-1 SHOW (SUMMARY) Display
5-2 Syntax of a DECTPU Program
5-3 Sample DECTPU Programs
5-4 Sample Program for a Section File
5-5 Source Code for Minimal Interface to DECTPU
5-6 Command File for GOTO_TEXT_MARKER
A-1 Line-Mode Editing
A-2 Procedure to Display Control Characters
A-3 Procedure to Restore Screen to Original Width
A-4 Procedure to Run DECTPU from a Subprocess
B-1 DCL Command Procedure for SET TERM/NOWRAP

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