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HP OpenVMS Programming Concepts Manual

HP OpenVMS Programming Concepts Manual

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Chapter 28
28 File Operations
     28.1     File Attributes
         28.1.1         Specifying File Attributes
     28.2     File Access Strategies
     28.3     File Protection and Access
         28.3.1         Read-Only Access
         28.3.2         Shared Access
     28.4     File Access and Mapping
         28.4.1         Using SYS$CRMPSC
                Mapping a File
                Using the User-Open Routine
                Initializing a Mapped Database
                Saving a Mapped File
     28.5     Opening and Updating a Sequential File
     28.6     User-Open Routines
         28.6.1         Opening a File
                Specifying USEROPEN
                Writing the User-Open Routine
                Setting FAB and RAB Fields
Chapter 29
29 Overview of Extended File Specifications (Alpha and I64 Only)
     29.1     Benefits of Extended File Specifications
     29.2     Features of Extended File Specifications
         29.2.1         ODS-5 Volume Structure
                Long File Names
                More Characters Legal Within File Names
                Preservation of Case
         29.2.2         Deep Directory Structures
                Directory Naming Syntax
     29.3     Considerations Before Enabling ODS-5 Volumes
         29.3.1         Considerations for System Management
         29.3.2         Considerations for Users
                Mixed-Version Support
                Mixed-Architecture Support
         29.3.3         NFS Support for Extended File Specifications
         29.3.4         Considerations for Applications
     29.4     Extended File Naming Considerations for OpenVMS Application Developers
         29.4.1         Evaluating Your Current Support Status
         29.4.2         Default Support
         29.4.3         No Support for Extended File Names
         29.4.4         No Support for ODS-5 Volumes
     29.5     Upgrading an Application to Support Extended File Specifications
         29.5.1         Upgrading to Default Support
                Providing Support for ODS-5
                Providing Support for Extended File Naming
         29.5.2         Upgrading to Full Support
Chapter 30
30 Distributed Transaction Manager (DECdtm)
     30.1     Overview of DECdtm
     30.2     Single Branch Application
         30.2.1         Calling DECdtm System Services for a Single Branch Application
                Sample Single Branch Transaction
     30.3     Multiple Branch Application
         30.3.1         Resource Manager Use of the Branch Services
         30.3.2         Branch Synchronization
     30.4     Default Transactions
         30.4.1         Multithreaded Applications
     30.5     Resource Manager Interface
         30.5.1         Creating RM Instances and Participants
         30.5.2         Reporting an Event Notification
         30.5.3         Responding to Events
         30.5.4         Aborting a Transaction
         30.5.5         Performing Recovery
         30.5.6         Volatile Resource Manager
         30.5.7         Modifying the DECdtm Log
         30.5.8         Transaction Class
     30.6     Communication Resource Manager Interface
     30.7     DECdtm XA Interface (Alpha Only)
         30.7.1         Using the XA Veneer
                Transaction Demarcation
                Locking Between Processes
                Binding to the XA Interface
                        Static Binding
                        Dynamic Binding
                        Resource Manager Instances
                Implementation Characteristics
                        Heuristic Decision
                        Resource Manager Synchronization
                        Asynchronous Operation
                        Resource Manager Switch
                        Image Termination and Recovery
                        Transaction Branch Identification
                        Error Handling
                        XA Functions
                Recovery Processes
                Error Logging
         30.7.2         Nonstandard XA Functions
    Command 6     ax_bind_decdtm_2
    Command 7     ax_close_decdtm
    Command 8     ax_lock_decdtm
    Command 9     ax_open_decdtm
    Command 10     ax_unbind_decdtm
    Command 11     ax_unlock_decdtm
         30.7.3         Using the XA Gateway
                Gateway Configuration
                XA RM Configuration
                Implementation Characteristics
                        Default Transaction
                        Locking Between Processes
                        Read-Only Optimization
                        Blocking Conditions
                        XA Return Values
                Error Logging
         30.7.4         XA Gateway Control Program (XGCP) Utility
                XGCP Description
                XGCP Usage Summary
                XGCP Description
                XGCP Commands
     30.8     Program Examples Using DECdtm
         30.8.1         Fortran Program Example
         30.8.2         C Program Examples
                $GET_DEFAULT_TRANS and $JOIN_RMW
                Event Handler and $ACK_EVENT
                $GETDTI and $SETDTI
         30.8.3         BLISS Program Examaple

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