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Setting up Jigsaw as a proxy

Running Jigsaw as a proxy involves the following steps:

1) Open a JigAdmin window (see JigAdmin documentation)

2) Create an instance of the org.w3c.tools.resources.FramedResource resource in the root resource store, by clicking on the "space" node and selecting FramedResource as the resource class. Type the resource name in the identifier field (ie proxy), and click on "Add Resource".

3) Add a ProxyFrame to your new resource. Click on the new "proxy" node, select "org.w3c.jigsaw.proxy.ProxyFrame" as the frame class to add and click on "Add Frame".

4) Edit the ProxyFrame attributes by selecting the "proxy" node in the left tree and expanding the other "proxy" node in the rignt tree. Select the "ProxyFrame" node and edit the attributes above. Type the old root resource name in the "local-root" field (ie root) and click on the "Commit" button. Attributes are described in the reference page of ProxyFrame.

5) The proxy properties. Attributes are described in the reference page of ProxyProp.
6) Edit the general properties. Set the "Root Name" property to proxy and click on the "Commit" button.
7) Save the configuration, Jigsaw is now running as a proxy. Reconfigure your browser to run it...and have fun !

Jigsaw Team
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