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The 'Digital Psychiater'

We help confused computers back into the right direction.....

We can advise for anything regarding the OpenVMS operating system, especially kernel mode code and device drivers.

Ask for free advice.


31-Jan-2016 A re-kit of DFU V3.2 is available for download in the downloads section. It will now install on the VSI versions of OpenVMS.

8-Aug-2012 LDdriver V9.7 has been released. It is only a bugfix release.

4-Jul-2011 Add link to avtware.com.

5-Jun-2011 LDdriver V9.6 has been released. It is only a bugfix release.

30-Mar-2011 This server will soon get a new IP address which may cause a little bit of downtime.

25-Jul-2010 LDdriver V9.5 has been released. It is only a bugfix release.

18-Jul-2010 A problem with floating point register corruption has been reported for LDdriver V9. Look here for more info.

10-Mar-2010 LDdriver V9.4 has been released. It will now correctly install on OpenVMS E8.4 (fieldtest) and above.

29-Oct-2009 Hcam V2.1 has been released. New is the support for Mpeg4 cameras and performance improvements on multicore processors.

14-Sep-2009 The DECUS archives are now online, as well as the old (V1 - V4) OpenVMS Freeware archives.

24-Aug-2009 LDdriver V9.3 has been released. It is only a bugfix release.

20-Jul-2009 Hcam V2.0 has been released. It will allow running with different profiles.

26-Jun-2009 LDdriver V9.2 has a bug with the LM SWITCH command. Check this for a workaround.

1-Apr-2009 LDdriver V9.2 has been released. The major new feature is variable container file support for tapes.

18-Feb-2009 LDdriver V9.1 has been released. Notice that the only change between V9.0 and V9.1 is that V9.1 will install on OpenVMS V8.3-1H1.

19-Nov-2008 The OpenVMS Freeware archive is available for download.
All downloads are now accessible via http or ftp. Notice that downloads are limited to 50KB/sec.

22-Sep-2008 This server has a new IP address.
Added Alpha DFU version V2.7.A to downloads.

2-Jul-2008 Added VAX DFU version V2.7A to downloads.

28-Mar-2008 Added old DFU version for Alpha V7.3-1 to downloads.

30-Jan-2008 Added license clarification for DFU and LDdriver.

3-Jun-2007 LDdriver presentation from the HP OpenVMS advanced technical bootcamp is ready.

12-May-2007 LDdriver V9.0 has been released.

29-Jan-2007 DFU V3.2 problem on VMS V7.3-1.

25-Jan-2007 Hcam V1.3 has been released (bugfix release).

LDdriver issue with containerfile on volumeset.

Download the LDdriver presentation from the VMS Technical Update Days in the Netherlands on October 11, 2006

DFU (Disk & File utilities) V3.2 for VMS announced.


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